Custom libraries of functions defined in Confirmit

I bet you have now lots of custom scripts, functions, validations etc. you may have stored in a survey, a survey template or a library (I can’t really see the reason for a “library” besides the different project type)

What worries me and maybe you is that everyone can alter them once they are dragged in a project, and not only…

The alternative is to create your own function libraries.

Here are some pros: You have control so nobody else can change their behavior, they are already loaded, so ready to use, no worries to include folders with libraries of functions in a project.
The usage is transparent for the user, just let them know the class and the available methods like custom.3Dgridvalidation()

I won’t focus now on explaining how to build one, Confirmit has a good documentation for this “Custom Code Library” you can get from their extranet site.