Survey Layouts, WI Templates or both?

In the latest Confirmit versions the WI Template is no longer supported, is this supposed to be good or bad? Wondering what the true reason is, anyways, seems like we should say good bye to WI.

I enjoyed working with WI, for a number of reasons, it was pretty neat, easy to use, and had the option to add the code directly in there. What I didn’t like was the fact that the elements (inputs and all the other primitives) were rendered without a class, name or id (some were) so it was a bit challenging to traverse and work with that structure.

A couple of issues I see with the Layouts:

– The Survey Layouts is more complex, not a bad thing, but I can’t see someone stay and change each of the styles manually, using the interface.

– It allows you to insert your own java scripts, and CSS in clear, directly in the page or even using the external link to JS (only one external link is not always enough) and CSS.

– It may be designed for non-technical users, but not sure what’s the percentage of people that use Confirmit to design and script a survey, without any basic knowledge of CSS, html or JavaScript, and an interface, with predefined values and lists can’t just keep up with all the changes, hacks and all the new properties new browsers are now supporting.
Here's a tip, if you work on creating a theme, need to define some new styles, and plan to use an external CSS file, don't bother defining them in Confirmit, just name them (Style name), and use them in the CSS when defining the associated styles.

-You can’t just add your own meta tags, the system will have them deleted, you have to use the provided “meta tags” tab where you can choose from the existing ones or just define one as you wish. The only difference here is that you only got the option to add a named meta tag. If you want to have a http-equiv or else you can’t, and don’t tell me is it the same as using a named tag, and since HTML5 there are 5 (content, http-equiv, name, scheme and charset)

-You can’t have styles named like “text-anothertext”, if you do so, you get an error saying "Style name contains invalid characters.Remember that a style name must be all lower case, cannot contain white spaces or start with a numeric character."

On the other hand, working with Layouts seems scary in the beginning but after you get used with them you can really enjoy it.